Wednesday, March 12, 2008

3 Deadly Mistakes Home Sellers Make

Mistake #1. Using a real estate agent instead of a Realtor

When you're looking for help buying or selling property, it's important to remember that the terms "real estate agent" and "Realtor" are not synonymous. Realtors can provide an extra level of service, and to be a Realtor you must be a member of the National Association of Realtors (NAR). The equivalent organization in Canada is the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA). Both are non-profit trade organizations that promote real estate information, education and professional standards. The National Association of Realtors also has earned a strong reputation for actively championing private property rights and working to make home ownership affordable and accessible. The NAR and CREA members adhere to a strict code of ethics founded on the principle of providing fair and honest service to all consumers. Realtor business practices are monitored at local board levels. Arbitration and disciplinary systems are in place to address complaints from the public or board members. This local monitoring keeps Realtors directly accountable to the individual consumers they serve and therefore the consumer is more likely to find better service and accountability by using a Realtor.

Mistake #2. Complacent marketing when selling a home

When selling your home there are no guarantees that the ultimate buyer of your home will have simply walked through the front door. In many cases you may have to bring your home to the buyer. Effective marketing will help ensure that your property receives maximum exposure to attract a ready, willing and able buyer in the shortest period of time. Ask your Realtor to list for you all of the ways he/she intends to market your home and on what time-line. Also, be sure to ask about the home being advertised on the Internet.

Mistake #3. Taking for granted the "curb appeal" of your home

When you're preparing your house for sale, remember the importance of first impressions. A buyer's first impression can make or break whether they even want to go inside for a look. It is estimated that more than half of all houses are sold before the buyers even get out of their cars. With that in mind, be sure to stand outside of your home and take a realistic "fresh look" and then ask yourself what can be done to make the "curb appeal" improve. Also ask your Realtor's opinion as to how to improve the curb appeal. It could make a huge difference in your final sales price.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Buying a Home is as Easy as 1 - 2 - 3!

Okay homebuyers here are the ONLY three steps you need to know to buy your "Dream Home":

1. Contact The Korn Team

2. Contact The Korn Team

3. Contact The Korn Team

Okay so maybe "Contacting The Korn Team" is the only step you really need to know!

Why is that?

Because we are trained professionals who take a counseling approach when working with buyers so we can educate you about every step of the transaction from beginning to end! You see, it is our goal not only to meet our buyer's expectations but to exceed our buyer's expectations.

So call us today at 402-436-3379 for a FREE Buyer's Consultation and we will prepare you to buy your dream home!

Jason Korn
The Korn Team

p.s. Ask us about our "Instant Notification" program and how it can not only save you time but also money when shopping for your New Home!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Great Time to Buy!!!

I just wanted to take a moment to mention how great of a time it is to buy a home right now. In case you have not been listening to the news over the past few months, the FED has and keeps lowering the rate which can only mean good things for those of you thinking about buying your first home or even those of you thinking about upgrading.

In Lincoln, Ne right now it certainly is a buyer's market with so many homes on the market and a rate that just keeps getting lower. Obviously, being on the other end of the real estate market (selling) does not look so wonderful. I don't want to scare anyone that is thinking about selling but, it seems to be a trend that homes are selling for what they would have 2 yrs ago. In other words, the market has flattened and have not appreciated much if any in the last 2 yrs.

With that being said, if you are thinking about taking advantage of this great buyer's market be sure to call The Korn Team so that we can help you get your dream home at a great price! Also, even with it being a buyer's market, have no fear sellers... The Korn Team is here... with the most progressisve & aggressive markteing plan in Lincoln as well as the most detailed personal service. So call us!

Oh and... Wen will call you back!!!!

Jason Korn
The Korn Team, Home Real Estate