Wednesday, October 10, 2007

I Can't Sell My House! What's Wrong?

The real estate market is tough all across the country. Here is a recent converstation with another top agent in the area that spells out exactly what you need to do to ensure you get your home sold. If you are not selling your home, and frustrated because you are not getting any offers, listen to this comment:

My collegue states: "The truth of the matter is that there are 3 times the amount of homes on the market now as compared to last year. Is yours the best staged, best priced and the easiest to see? If not, it won't sell, but it will help the competition to sell." There are tips and tricks we know that can help you get more showings. It always comes down to Location, Price and condition & in this market...the marketing plan can play a BIG part to make sure the eyeballs at least get on your property.On Aug 21, 2007, at 3:10 PM

For all your real estate needs, contact The Korn Team Serving Lincoln & Greater KC. We have an aggressive marketing plan designed to go find your buyer not sit around and wait for you buyer! You can't be one of our next sales unless you contact us today! 402-436-3379 or visit to see how we market our listings.

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