Thursday, February 4, 2010

Foreclosures Cause More Issues Than You Think

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I wanted to talk about a subject in our economy that has become way to common. Foreclosures. I'm sure you all know what they are and how detrimental they can be to your credit but, one thing that doesn't get talked about is what it can do to a person emotionally and psychologically. Unfortunately, I have met many amazingly good people who are now facing hard times financially and in risk of losing their home. This issue goes much deeper than financial standing. It often rips families apart or causes health issues due to stress and depression. This subject is especially concerning to me because the only reason I decided to start a career in real estate was to make a positive difference in people's lives. I am talking straight from my heart when I tell you that it pains me to meet people who are suffering and in danger of losing their home on top of it. Most of them did not see it coming and did not intend on missing payments or losing their job, or having an emergency medical situation. The following link is an article that briefly tells you about what a foreclosure can do to a person. Foreclosures Take Heavy Toll on Hearts and Mind

So if you or someone you know is struggling to make the house payment or foresees that happening in the near future, please contact me. I will offer a no cost, private consultation to help you decide what to do next. Often times I can help you save your home. Other times I can help you get out of your home with the least amount of damage to both you financially and emotionally. Please allow me to help. Nothing would give me great pleasure.

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