Tuesday, April 5, 2011

My Real Estate Philosophy

If there is one important lesson that I've learned in my real estate career, it's that if your goals & expectations do not match your client's goals & expectations, it will NEVER work. You'll both just end up wasting each other's time. And in real estate we know that time = money... for both parties.

My initial consultation with a potential client is just that... a consultation. Yes, the client is interviewing me to see if  I am the person they'd like to work with but, I am also doing the same thing. In my initial consultation I am honest from the beginning. I tell the person I am meeting with that at the end of our meeting, one of three things will happen:

  1. You'll decide to hire me to represent you.
  2. You'll decide not to hire me to represent you.
  3. I'll decide not to work with you.
You see, if I feel that I cannot help them reach their goals & expectations, I have no problem telling them that I am not the Real Estate Professional for them. (This took me a few years to be able to say too) 


Because if I cannot help them reach their goals then their experience with me will not be a fond experience. We all know what happens when clients/customers have a bad experience with a business. They tell all of their friends, family, & co-workers. And in today's age of social media, that negative word of mouth can be very detrimental to one's business. I personally would rather part friends at the beginning of their journey than to be seen as the bad guy at the end. 

There are two things that I can guarantee to all my clients:
  1. They will get my best service at all times
  2. They will get my honest opinion at all times
So BEWARE: I will NEVER sugar coat my professional opinion. If you ask me to meet with you for a consultation, you will learn everything you NEED to know. It may not always be what you WANT to hear!

Jason Korn
The Korn Team
RE/MAX Real Estate Concepts
Lincoln, Nebraska Real Estate Market


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