Thursday, November 29, 2007

Competitive Advantages?

With over 800 real estate agents in Lincoln, Ne it is imperative to separate yourself from the competition. That is no secret but, it can be hard to do. Consumers want to know, "What makes you different from every other REALTOR?" and rightfully so.

Well at The Korn Team we always tell people exactly what makes us different from everyone else. Most of it is our aggressive & consistent marketing which I would love to go into further detail about but, in the interest of not making this a book, I won't. But, as I was driving home tonight from one of my appointments I decided that I was not telling my clients/potential clients what else sets The Korn Team apart from many others and that is our heart and passion for real estate. I don't just mean our heart and passion for the business but for education of consumers and for developing a life-long relationship. In all honesty, that is all that really matters at the end of the day.

So yes, we have many years of experience in two other major markets (KC & Dallas, yes we have very aggressive and consistent marketing but, what really matters is that we have the drive and passion to do what it takes to sell your home!

Let The Korn Team help you! I can promise you that you will receive the most dedicated and effective service you could ever imagine. For more information you can contact Jason Korn at 402-436-3379 or

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