Monday, November 26, 2007

Waiting until Spring to List/Re-List?

This is the time of year that many people (including real estate agents) think that the market goes dormant. While I might agree that things slow down (especially around the holiday season) I don't agree that the market is that bad. In fact, I contend that this is a great time to list your home.


Well, many people have the mind-set that homes do not sell during the winter but, buyers do still buy homes. If you wait until spring you will have far more competition because everyone is waiting until spring to list their property. Think about it... it does not cost you anything to have your home listed! You only pay if your home sells! Often when I hear that people tell me, "I think we are going to wait until spring becuase the market is too slow right now." I ask them one questions that almost always seems to get answered the same way, "Well Mr./Mrs. Seller, if I brought you a full-price offer tomorrow would you accept it?" I almost ALWAYS hear, "Well of course I would!"

Then why not have your home listed during the winter? You never know when YOUR buyer is going to be ready to buy. Why not be ready when they are ready?

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